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Top những bài hát dành cho tình yêu tan vỡ - Top nhung bai hat danh cho tinh yeu tan vo | Tạp chí làm đẹp Online
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Top những bài hát dành cho tình yêu tan vỡ

Cập nhật: 02/07/2011 - 10:11:00 AM
Bạn vừa chia tay một mối tình? Bạn đang đau đớn? Bạn cần tìm nguồn cảm hứng để tiếp tục sống và để hàn gắn vết thương lòng?

Dưới đây là 51 ca khúc dành cho những trái tim tan vỡ.

  1. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, by Paul Simon
  2. Ain't No Sunshine (When She's Gone), by Bill Withers
  3. Another Lonely Day, by Ben Harper
  4. Boys Don't Cry, by the Cure
  5. Cold Hearted, by Paula Abdul
  6. Cry Me a River, by Justin Timberlake
  7. Delilah, by Tom Jones
  8. Don't Go Away, by Oasis
  9. Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away), by Motley Crue
  10. Don't Speak, by No Doubt
  11. Don't Dream It's Over, by Crowded House
  12. Don't You Want Me, by Human League
  13. Even Now, by Barry Manilow
  14. Every Breath You Take, by the Police
  15. Ex-Factor, by Lauren Hill
  16. Heart of Glass, by Blondie
  17. Heartbreak Hotel, by Elvis Presley
  18. Here Comes the Rain Again, by the Eurthymics
  19. How Can You Mend a Broken Heart, by the Bee Gees
  20. I Don't Care Anymore, by Phil Collins
  21. I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues, by Elton John
  22. I Hate Everything About You, by Ugly Kid Joe
  23. I Miss You, by Incubus
  24. I Will Survive, by Gloria Gaynor
  25. I Would've Loved You Anyway, by Trisha Yearwood
  26. In My Life, by The Beatles
  27. In the End, by Linkin Park
  28. Killing Me Softly, by Roberta Flack
  29. Knowing Me, Knowing You, by Abba
  30. Love Bites, by Def Leppard
  31. Love Hurts, by Nazareth
  32. Loving Arms, by the Dixie Chicks
  33. Mr. Wendel, by Arrested Development
  34. Miss You, by the Rolling Stones
  35. Miss You Like Crazy, by Natalie Cole
  36. My Heart Will Go On, by Celine Dion
  37. Not Goin' Cry, by Mary J. Blige
  38. One, by U2
  39. One Last Cry, by Brian McKnight
  40. One Week, by the Bare Naked Ladies
  41. Please Remember, by LeeAnn Rimes
  42. Tainted Love, by Soft Cell
  43. Take Another Little Piece of my Heart, by Janis Joplin
  44. The Sign, by Ace of Base
  45. This Love, by Pantera
  46. Tyrone, by Erykah Badu
  47. Unbreak My Heart, by Toni Braxton
  48. We Can Work It Out, by The Beatles
  49. With Or Without You, by U2
  50. You Oughta Know, by Alanis Morrisette
  51. You Were Meant for Me, by Jewel
Top những bài hát dành cho tình yêu tan vỡ
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